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THANK YOU NORTH AMERICA! A message from Paolo

  • 18.12.09
    THANK YOU NORTH AMERICA! A message from Paolo

    A video message from Paolo

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on December 18, 2009 - 8:59am

A video message from Paolo


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hope TRIVIUM can visit Mexico soon
that would be killer

good luck on tour guys!!!

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omg....i luv u paolo!!!!!! the show were awsome n cant wait to hear the new album n c u guys again! take care, happy holidays, n safe travels! i love TRIVIUM!!!! love heather xoxo

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@E.Stonechild.: thats a pretty cool story man

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very good advice at the end dude lol

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Thank you so much Paolo! I don't know if you remember meeting me and my mom and friend. We came to your show in Missoula this September and we met you and the other band members. We are native american and my mom gave you her native medicine wheel as a gift, I don't know if you still have it. Talk to you later and I can not wait till you release the new album, I'm very excited for it and I can't wait to see Trivium again! :)

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thanks u guys for comming in montreal again! second time i see my favorite band this years!! u guys are the new gods of metal!!!

cant wait for ur new album!

peace paolo!

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Good Luck in 2010, can't wait to hear that new single, and the new cd!


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"Dont drink too much...unless your not driving....drink a lot." lol...

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Im so excited for your new CD it will be in my hands straght away
cant WAIT for your commentary, i loved the shogun documentary so much, couldnt stop laughing for hours at your antics :D

I cant wait to see you at Soundwave - MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM AUSTRALIA! :)

Take care!

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Haha Thacalamity.

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lookin forward to the studio updates P, have a great xmas and new year,
see you in march bud