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Trivium Watches Youtube Covers

  • 17.02.10
    Trivium Watches Youtube Covers

    That's so great!!

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on February 17, 2010 - 12:49pm

That's so great!!


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I saw noxy4 before Trivium ;-) all of them are fucking good \m/

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i wish i had a camera so they can watch my covers, i think they would be impressed

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hey check out my friends playing pull harder on the strings of your martyr hes fuckin wicked they played it at a gig in our town a 3 ppl nearly died in the mosh we had it was unbelieveable :P:P heres his channel check it out PANTALLICA695

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GUYSSSSSS check out my rain cover pleaseeeee!

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MAn that's sick that they actually take the time to check out our covers and make a video to prove it! That is so awesome! Stay metal!

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Noxy4 is a beast with the vocals.

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That is SOOOO me! XD

Trivium fuckin' rule!