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  • 24.02.10

    Friday the 26th February 2010 3pm EST... Join Triviumworld for the exclusive world premiere of "Shattering The Skies Above" The Official Video!!


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Trivium the Band's picture
on February 24, 2010 - 2:19pm

Friday the 26th February 2010 3pm EST... Join Triviumworld for the exclusive world premiere of "Shattering The Skies Above" The Official Video!!



se7en's picture

fuck yeah man! sweeet

FrostBoob's picture

This is going to be an awesome video! Can't wait!

Favre4Ever62084's picture

Holy shiat they made a video!! There really going all in on promoting this shiat.

Insatanwetrust's picture

Anyone else think this will kick ass?? ;P

Aditya Haner Gates's picture

i can't wait again, this will be fuckin awesome

haogwasakura's picture

:( :( :( I have to be a premium member :( :( :( too bad!...i just have to wait to see it on youtube or you guys open for all public...
Please open it!, i need it!!!

Justicemaker's picture

site is working again, but where is the fucking video lol

Wienbag's picture

I buy your t-shirts, I own all of your CD's, im buying the single, and the game, but I still HAVE to pay to watch the video....... I think thats a little unfair.

Heavey415's picture

I don't complain but they make too much exclusive to TW...i don't have that kind of cash right now.

muivirt's picture

i know TW members has the right to see exclusive stuff from the band but not all trivium fans can join TW so that will be really unfair if they didnt release it to the public soon

trivium-ubbba09's picture

fUUUUCK this is going to be it just footage of the game i hope not i wana see the booooys :) :)

ChrisFreeman1's picture

This is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I STURTY I's picture

My Clock is on 0. Where's the video!

Methalicz's picture

[b][i]Trueeeeeeeeeeee!!! :( [/i][/b]

Foozee's picture

no vid :(

xSHOGUNx_15's picture

ok, the clock stopped, so where the fuck is it?!?!?!?!?!??!

Foozee's picture

yup.. hell even I buy their CDs in an era of Mp3s.. fuck this.. im jus waitin for someone to upload it on

localinfidelity's picture

Nice! Anyone know if it's game footage, an actual music video, or a combination?

Can't wait to see it!

NotoriA's picture

So freaking excited. Wasn't expecting them to release a video for Shattering. Can't wait.

Paolo Gregoletto's picture

Once I can upload footage straight to this site, there will be much more of a flow of content that will stay on here only. Certain things like videos and songs will always make there way to the public, but my goal is to flood this site with more behind the scenes type stuff. The only problem is I have to send the videos to be uploaded which takes time. Just like anything, this site will improve with time and comments.

Legion792's picture

awesome as long as you guys make stuff public im happy


shit!!!!!!! i cant wait 4 see ur new video ......if the song was awesome the video ill be awesome too !!!!!! fuck why u left behind the countdown clock it makes the wait very longer

Jai's picture

Same where is the video

Littlebritches9's picture

When will it be up for anyone to see?

NotoriA's picture

@Foozee: Lawlz, that made me laugh. I'm not a Premium Member either, and though I'd love to be one, all my money is put into their live shows and their albums. Youtube here I come.

trivium-nick_fan's picture

lol at all these ppl flipping out, EST is my timezone, its almost 11:30 here! 3.5 hours to go for you guys ok? And all you non-premium members...we pay to be here...dont whine about not getting to see it

god of trivium's picture

umm yeh , i was waiting for the vid for a whole hour nd now , no vid wtf?

silentklank's picture

I CAN' WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henrique.'s picture

can't fucking wait \,,/

AshesArise's picture

the video goes up 3 PM EST - 8 and a half hours to go yet :)

Don't forget this is a Triviumworld EXCLUSIVE

see you guys later so we can crash the site and help luke win his beer! haha