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  • 24.02.10

    Friday the 26th February 2010 3pm EST... Join Triviumworld for the exclusive world premiere of "Shattering The Skies Above" The Official Video!!


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on February 24, 2010 - 2:19pm

Friday the 26th February 2010 3pm EST... Join Triviumworld for the exclusive world premiere of "Shattering The Skies Above" The Official Video!!



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In my country is 7:19 PM. :)

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[quote=god of trivium]umm yeh , i was waiting for the vid for a whole hour nd now , no vid wtf?[/quote] You're not a premium member.

I STURTY I's picture

Why are non premium members replying? You HAVE TO PAY to watch this video.

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I can't wait, this is gonna rock my weekend :-D

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yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant fucking wait!!!!!!!!

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Another day goes by and we still waiting for the music video :(

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It's not fair, I want to see this video too, but I haven't credit card, so I can't be TW member.

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less than a minute away!

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Wow, didn't expect this! Awesome.

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[what up this is shawn and i am new to this web site so fuck yeah this shit rocks :D

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Oh my god! Too awesome!
Can't wait :D

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@I STURTY I: lol hey Cuz, wake me up when it's up. lol

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@NJShredder95: its just one of the MANY privelages you get being a triviumworld member



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how the fuck do u watch it ??????

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Go Trivi Go !!

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would like to say its awesome but cant watch it :(

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mm im pretty sure i am a premium member but it not working, i am frickin anxious.

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Honestly and sadly my TW account has expired. To me it really isn't worth it. I bought for two years in a row and the exclusive content slowly isn't becoming exclusive anymore. Meet & Greets were for sale, in a matter of hours a song for TWers only was already leaked onto the internet, going on year three I still have yet to hear about a year two pack that seems to be similar like vaporware now, and etc. Its very rare they come here to Charlotte, NC so its really not worth it for me.

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wtf cO very nice ! cant wait for it. I hope it is not only Gameplay from GoW3, I hope it contains some footage from the band playing the song

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I really want to join Triviumworld, but no credit card....

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never getting my hopes up for anything again

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All people that wanna see the official video of Shattering the skies above are gonna wait for someone to pirate it -.-* :(

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we're definitely going to crash the fucking server again haha.

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i no devostating :(

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Kick ass I cant wait!

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fucking bullshit have to pay to view it fuck u trivium

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[quote=Joey666mick]fucking bullshit have to pay to view it fuck u trivium[/quote]

or you can wait patiently for a little while and not be a dick head to the band

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i have the game pre ordered too. hmmm just imagining it. GoW3 with Blood and Metal cranked right up on my 7.2 surround sound system *drools* can't wait for the vid, will it be available on iTunes when it comes out? cos i have all the other videos on my iPod. love watching them :D

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@Justicemaker: assuming it's working (i'm at work and can't watch videos :( ), go to the media section while logged in. It's the first video listed there