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TRIVIUM in American Idol - Portugal

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on September 29, 2010 - 10:04am


Demon Dethchase's picture

good on that guy not for singing what they wanted to hear and good on the pannel for letting sing what he wanted to sing, unlike that fucking asshole Cowell who'd probably roll his eyes at anyone singing a heavy metal song and give the thumbs down yet he lets freaks like Jedward run free. Bastard.

Reminds me of this, and when you see someone trying it its either going to be really really bad

or really really good

Long may Metal reign!
\m/ o \m/

HibariL's picture

Boa, boa...Cara mandou bem. There is idols here in Brazil too, I hate it...But it was the first time that I liked xD

Bruninho's picture

AHAHAHA he's the only one in that room who knows Trivium xD
He's the only cult person in that room :p

Trivium come to Portugal PLSSSSS *-* 6/5 WICKED BAND!!

Triviumgirl :D's picture

Haha the fat one doesn't even know who is trivium xD
He started with GreenDay and then he sang a Trivium cover haha it's so freaking funny.. But this guy is so freaking awesome!! ,/,,/

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Carlos fought for what they like and did very well :D!
Nice one c:

Trivium come to Portugal *-*

Zelice725's picture

Man this was a funny video, but still is fucking awesome though.

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Esse garoto foi incrível! =D Esses jurados que são uns merdas! =D
Triviuuum Forever! =D

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LOL it's sure that singing Ember to Inferno was better than singing Green Day - Time of my life. But he can never take Matt's place :D
Anyway, its a good try so kep on singing. Carlos you rulz!

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grande carlos depois disto quero os Trivium em portugal :b

-Ines-'s picture

trivium came to fucking portugal to se reall mosh!! ;)

fb_Juliana Renholdër's picture

This is awesome!