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Stream "No Way to Heal" Today!

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on September 30, 2013 - 11:13am

Stream the next track from Vengeance Falls today ! 



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Your scream is so different from the Ascendancy days!!!!!!!! Wow. haha. But absolutely killer song. I'm so glad this album is coming out on my birthday! XD

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This song sends chills up my spine. I freaking love it. Thank you TRIVIUM for being such a kick ass band you are truly amazing and hands down my favorite band. I have been lucky enough to see you live I can't even tell you how many times cause it's been a whole lot. And to have had the pleasure to have met you guys 3 times now. Keep it up guys I appreciate everything you do and love every one of your albums from start to finish. TRIVIUM FAN 4 LIFE \m/

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13 days left

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This song has changed my life. Everyone asks me what is Trivium's better album, shogun or in waves... I have always replied 'Vengeance Falls'. This song is a testament to all trivium albums, songs and influences, but most of all it's a testament to you guys and how much hardwork put in to the music. Thank you so much for saving my life, inspiring me to make metal and above all be a better person.