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on November 5, 2013 - 1:43pm

Part Four of the Vengeance Falls Documentary is online now !


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In waves was my introduction to Truvium, what an introduction it was. I've been starving for something with substance, and have finally found it. I'm 39 and a major BLS fan so I'm not easily impressed. In waves got my attention, Vengeance Falls captivated me. It hasn't left my Cd player since its release. I started to lose interest in the last 2 years (after a 25 year tenure), in playing guitar, and in music in general. Now I can't stand to be away from it again. Still struggling with creativity, and staleness, but this band has inspired me to try harder and hope for a break through. Good luck on tour hope you come to south Carolina (Myrtle beech), if you do I will be first in line. Thank you for giving me hope, and inspiration. Don't know if ya'll will ever read this, but if you do.....thank you for the amazing music. S.D.M.F

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Hie guys, my name is Blessings from Malawi and i just want to say that you are awesome. I am a guitarist myself interested in metal and i've been making play alongs on your songs. If you can please send me PDFs for shred guitar lessons at I know you are a band and not guitar tutors but i will appreciate if you do me the courtesy. In any tuning style of course .You are an amazing band guys and i wanna reach where you guys are in guitar playing

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This was an awesome documentary! You guys have all done an excellent job on Vengeance Falls. It is an epic masterpiece! Years down the track my kids will be listening to this, i will be making sure of that! Thank you!