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on August 30, 2013 - 5:49pm
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can't wait to see Trivium live again this Saturday night (May.17.2014) @The Music Hall in London,Ontario,Canada with Killswitch Engage. I first seen Trivium @ Harpos in Detroit when they were only like 18-19yrs old opening for Children of Bodom & Amon Amarth in 2004.& i seen them again @ Harpos in Detroit opening for Danzig & then another time @Harpos opening for In Flames lol. & then in London,Ontario opening for Slipknot @ the John Labatt Centre. I'm a huge fan of Trivium but was sad to see drummer Travis Smith depart from Trivium because that was Travis's baby as Travis is the one who formed Trivium in 1999 in his parents garage as they were practicing for a battle of the bands at there high school.