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Favourite Song Off Ember To Inferno?

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on January 20, 2006 - 6:50am

Hey, just wondering what your favourite songs are off Ember To Inferno. Id have to say mine would be My Hatred and Ember To Inferno 8)

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When All Light Dies and Fugue are awesome.

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When All Light Dies

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Fugue, My Hatred & falling to grey - you think they'll play theses songs on the UK tour???


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If I Could Collapse the Masses is what I chose, now that there are polls, thanks guitar dude.

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fugue,demon and ember to inferno those songs rock! smile.gif

yeah Demon is from the demo, but you probably got it on your ETI CD (like I have) but yeah Demon is also one of my fav Trivium songs (still sounds death/thrash to me! tongue.gif )

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Fugue... although i prefer the demo version to the ETI version.

I've never even heard the demo version.

You havent lived until you've heard it. I'll dig it out for you if you like?

I haven't heard it either, mainly because I've had trouble finding it. I'll love you forever if you send it to me...

I was having difficulty choosing between Pillars of Serpents, To Burn the Eye, Fugue, and My Hatred, but in the end I went with To Burn the Eye.

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QUOTE(Roar of the Carnivore)

Pillars and Serpents. i love the intro.

yes great intro but its called Pillars OF Serpents! :wink:

my bad, i just woke up when i put that. ill never do it again :wink: tongue.gif

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My fav songs wud have to be Falling to Grey and To Burn the Eye. :twisted: m/

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fugue,demon and ember to inferno those songs rock! smile.gif

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Pillars of Serpents and Fugue

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Mine would have to be Requiem, I love the opening riff.

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i listen to the album atleast 3-4 times a week

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QUOTE(The Guitarded Dude)

wouldn't actually be considered a ETI song, as it wasn't on the original release. also we'd have everyone choosing it.

haha thats true.....blinding tears is sooooooo awesome

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thats hard but i would probably go for ember to inferno and if i could collapse the masses

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My hatred and Fugue are my favs 8)

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fugue is the actual greatest song of all time

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I voted for Fugue.
It is my favourite Trivium song. Although, they are all fucking amazing.

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wouldn't actually be considered a ETI song, as it wasn't on the original release. also we'd have everyone choosing it.

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My Hatred or Fugue

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Kinda hard to choose, I haven't had the album that long either. I really like Fugue and Ember To Inferno, but I think my favourite has to be If I Could Collapse The Masses or Blinding Tears Will Break These Skies (if that counts, cos I think it's only on the re-released version).

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When all light dies, followed immediatly by a View of Burning Empires is amazing.

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Fugue (A Revelation).

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blinding tears gets my vote anyways

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It's hard to say. I'll go for 'Ember to Inferno' or 'To Burn the Eye'. The choruses of both these songs contrast really well with the verses, I quite like it when songs have that.

Why is Matt the only person to have said "Why" a certain song is his favourite in this thread?

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I would have to say my fav or Requiem. The opening riff gets me as well, great song to run to.

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haha indeed 8)

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QUOTE(The Guitarded Dude)

I added a poll to this, it'd be easier for some people to read

thanks babes smile.gif *blows kiss*

Are you feeling alright Cain?

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mine's to burn the eye

it's the first one i heard off there and have loved it since!! biggrin.gif