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EURO Meet & Greet's Announced

  • 02.11.11
    EURO Meet & Greet's Announced

    European Meet & Greets, have now been added, there are limited spaces so sign up fast !

    UK Dates to be confirmed soon !

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Trivium the Band's picture
on November 2, 2011 - 2:13pm

European Meet & Greets, have now been added, there are limited spaces so sign up fast !

UK Dates to be confirmed soon !


mark cann's picture

would so love to get meet and greet !!! 3 days before my bithday here in newcastle cant fucking wait to see you guys once again but hoping too meet you this time xD plus im bringin my girlfriends 10 year old son and its his first ever gig so would be absolutly brilliant to let him meet a fantastic band :D

GayBow's picture

I'm not a premium member but would really really like to have meet greet to the show in Sweden, Stockholm 18th November, NINE DAYS LEFT! can't wait, IF i would have a meet and greet pass i would probably be so fucking happy to be there that i won't be able to speak haha, LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! will camp outside Hovet were you guys will play and sit there all day, just so i'll be up front! So, see you guys in the front row in 9 days!!!!

V.Savage's picture

My brother an I would love to meet you in Stockholm the 18th! It would be greate!

Bunny Deluxe's picture

Looks like I am going to travel from France to London...

TuxTheDrummingPenguin's picture

I've requested the M&G in Milan and it now says:

"You have requested a Meet & Greet for this tourdate or they have already closed."

I guess it's not closed because it says there are 7 slots left. Am I done with requesting the M&G and just have to wait until they send me the details?

t-mo's picture

Vienna !

2bi or not 2bi's picture

It would be awesome to meet you in Oslo, Norway nov 14th

andykang1's picture

my 2 friends and i hope to meet you in england this year

TuxTheDrummingPenguin's picture


No, nulla! A te?

PS: Sei il Thomas Calvi del gruppo Trivium Italia su Facebook, giusto? xD

Dennis81's picture

See you guys at Oberhausen, November 25 and hope to get the chance for a Meet & Greet because it`s my 30th Birthday and that would be the BEST present ever !
Cheers to all of you and rock on :)

Innnn Waaaaaaaaves \m/

thomascendancy's picture

@TuxTheDrummingPenguin: siamo in due! eheh a te è arrivata la mail di conferma?

fb_françois_franco's picture

i'm impatient too see you next week in paris !!! see you here !

RRValmont's picture

Oh Guys,how can i win one of these meet & greets?

I'm german, having a very nice metal-weekend with machine head in wembley on 3rd december and trivium on 4th december at the brixton academy.

a meet & greet with you guys would be so awesome !

fb_françois_franco's picture

yeah it was a big show at paris greatgreatgreat but a bit so short but amazing ! i'm satisfied to make 1000 km to see you ! see you next time on show and why not at Toulouse ;)

L.J. Vezzosi's picture

non vedo l'ora che sia già domani sera! Ci vediamo a Milano! Sperando di incontrare il mio gruppo preferito.

Oscar cardenas's picture

heeey i want to go to the meet in zurich this sunday!!

Aleksi94's picture

hey, I would like to meet you 16.11. at helsinki finland !

Trivium-LesPaul's picture

I would love to meet you in Denmark, if you had a show here :(

metalmeme's picture

I could reserve 2 spots for your show in zurich, hope it works! can't wait for it!

SofiiaA's picture

Can't wait until the 19th of november when you come to Gothenburg, I saw you on the Metaltown-festival here in 2009 and it was truely an amazing show! I would like to apply for the possibility for me and my brother to join a meet and greet in Gothenburg. Since you're my favourite band and your music really have ment alot to me and helped me through some rough times I can't discribe how awesome it would be to meet you for real.
Rock on guys, you're the best!

DiabolikMind's picture

Hope to meet you in Milan tomorrow!!! Stay in waves \m/

L.J. Vezzosi's picture

Hey guys. I totally hope to see you at tomorrow's Meet&Greet in Milan, with my 2 friends! We're waiting for this chance since last time you went in Italy. I trust this is the right one! Keep on be the best band, and of course my favourite one.

Maria Angel's picture

OOOH my God, the Chance to have a Meet and Greet with TRIVIUM would absolutely BLOW MY MIND!!
In general it is quite an honor to have Trivium playing in Vienna, but a meet and greet would make it even more amazing!

Do I enter by posting this comment or how do I? I really want to use this chance.

Greatings from Vienna, Austria