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Trivium - Backstage at Wacken Open Air 2011

  • 05.09.11
    Trivium - Backstage at Wacken Open Air 2011

    Release Show at Wacken 2011

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on September 5, 2011 - 3:13pm

Release Show at Wacken 2011


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This band has gone from strength to strength from every album they have done, from Ember to Inferno all the way through to In Waves. All we can do for this amazing band is support them through every moment of their career. And for people who prefer Ascendancy to Trivium's newer songs then maybe you should move onto a heavier band. All bands change and we as proper dedicated fans should respect their decisions cause its not all about us. I will always stay a fan of Trivium til the day i die!!!

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Found myself during the speed walkalong the queue at 0:51 :D

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It's allways awesome too see how much love is in every single video of you guys!
I loved the making of in waves too, becouse of the asthetics.
But at this video you showed once again a sense of detail. And I know how much work something like this could be!
BTW, can't wait to see you guys next week in Salzburg - Austria and in two Weeks in Munich - Germany!

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[i]Awesome wideo, got some serious goosebumps! Never been so proud of a band I have to say.. was slightly nervous for them before they hit that [b]HUGE[/b] stage, what a epic view it must of been looking out at all them lovely German folk enjoying the music (they surely know how to mosh) As soon as "In Waves" kicked in the audience are in the palm of Matts big lady hands, lol! 100% perfection. This revealed to me a wee snippet into the future & what is in store for TRIVIUM, & im definitely staying for the ride! fuck yeah, congrats TRIVIUM! ;-) [/i]