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Dear Corey...

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on November 22, 2006 - 2:40am

happy fuckin' birthday in the name of the German Trivium forum! Have you good one and see you this December in Cologne!!!! :mrgreen:

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*checks date*


Did you know it's also the b'day of Ville Valo today.. but no one here gives a shit about HIM! (in more ways then one! laugh.gif )

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happy birthday man, have one big assed mother fucking party you deserve it

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happy birthday man!!

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*glares eyes at the Birthdays Are Cool dude*

He stole my pose.. I stole his idea!

Im just too lazy to post my version! laugh.gif

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Why do you feel the need to put "fucking" in between happy and doesn't make you look hard. laugh.gif  

SHUT THE FUCKING UP! ohmy.giftongue.giflaugh.gif

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Happy Birthday Corey biggrin.gif

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happy bday man cant wait till you play the big day out will be seeing u!

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I aint seen that one! ohmy.gif

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Max's one.


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lol at matt

Happy birthday dude!

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Happy birthday Corey!!

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Happy Birthday Corey have a good one

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happy fuckin birthday dude

see ya in cologne, december 9th

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Why do you feel the need to put "fucking" in between happy and doesn't make you look hard. laugh.gif

Anyway, Happy Birthday. 8)

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Ha-fuck-ppy fucking birth-fuck-day Mr Beaulieu laugh.gif

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Thanks for that Madden :salut:

We should have a voting thread.. and find out which one is better! laugh.gif

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happy birthday corey

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Happy birthday Corey!!

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Happy Birthday Corey!!!!

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It is true. Im defeated before the battle even begun! sad.gif

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Happy fuckin birthday Corey, I hope you have a good one!

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Happy birthday Corey!

As a present, i got you this cookie biggrin.gif

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Happy fucking Birthday, hope you have a good one and i'll see you when you come down under

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happy birthday corey, see you december 11th in Cardiff

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happy birthday Corey! see you soon in Japan.

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Happy birthday.

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That slays the others. ohmy.gif

oops, i just think he looks like a baby seal.


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Happy Birthday!