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Fan Art

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on September 6, 2005 - 1:07am

No Doubt!

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A quick little doodle I did in class... I am planning something badass. tongue.gif

Nice ! would be a nice tatoo 8)

enjoy my last shit :twisted:

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hey eli that pic is awsome, although one thing that bothers me is that the picture that stands out is too dark and it's kinda messy near the head.. shed some more light on it maybe

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not a big fan of the semetrical thing you do, with the fire/blood angel in same spot both sides, and the logo same thing..

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nice work as always smile.gif

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^ very awesome!  Luv ur work TranzekVayne!

(& I will do if I think of posting pics next time)

thx 8)
kk i need to start making more i get to catch up to Krakaos! lol ive got a long way to go sad.gif

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QUOTE(Gunshot To Head)

Hey Bik whatsup dude? I just wanted to know if you were doing my sig.  You fucking rock at them dude. Great imagination for the surroundings of the pics. :twisted:

i did your sig man, look at the signature request thread, it has a red/black theme with corey on it and a danger strip, saying gazzaa huges 2006 or seomthing

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QUOTE(Krakaos @ Feb 10 2007, 12:01 AM) [snapback]347655[/snapback]

#113 is out. i think it's one of the best i made for a desktop use...

Wow. If T would be in different colour than things around it you could see it better. But it's cool anyway. smile.gif

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im getting this done smile.gif

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awesome work guys. love the flyers from cyver looks awesome and the eyes from underground cool!
keep the good work and don't stop to publish ! :twisted:

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Best work so far Krakaos imo.

thx dude :wink: (thanx all)

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Man, Im sorry krakaos, but that last art sucks...

oj thats fuckin awsome!! jesus, that really is a cool picture. Eli yours is awsome too..

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yeah it's an awesome MKH-picture taken by Bob Rose published on the official Site.

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if you take the rectangular marquee tool and set the feather to 5 - 10 then cut the picture till it blends in with a background, the results are great.

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Good job Chris awsome idea, just one imperfection is the "addicted", it is not looking real, maybe do the same stuff you did on the Trivium one? and give it some round shaping to be in-tact with the arm's angle and shape

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I just don't know what to say, Krakaos you fucking AMAZE ME!

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Looks like something from Onimusha. smile.gif

lol no it's based on "prince of persia" :wink:

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^^^ I can't even see those pictures. sad.gif

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ok like said before... they all look the same to me :/ and some of those are the "trash" ones i was talking about... and i never even bothered posting them cuz i didnt like them.. oh and hey laurent you never published my Birthday pic for Matt smile.gif so there it is biggrin.gif


#1 the effects are awesome. i love that one
#2 trash
#3 great wall and idea but shame it's too dark.
#4 idea is good but result is crappy (too unsharp).
#5 the best one i love it.... don't undestand why not published earlier !
#6 boring but not bad
#7 sorry i did miss this one by publishing coz i did only grab those from that thread. it's not the best you done but it's a cool one.

facit: i'm glad you decided to publish them today and rescue at least 2 great pics (#1 and #5)! whatever i made crappy things too and published them. So if you don't want to publish one tell me if not i will publish all the 7 pics on Addicted.

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QUOTE(Trivium Underground)

Bad ass

yeah fucking cool !

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Something I did for the Shogun theme...

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QUOTE(Krakaos @ Oct 15 2007, 03:59 PM) [snapback]396656[/snapback]


That's insane... it's a privilege to enter here and find these masterpieces...

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OMFG!!!! ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gif


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Hey, I just made a signature thing...I've never made one, I was just wondering if it looks ok...

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Thanks for the compliment there Dronte, seems your'e the only one that likes that style