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Guilty Pleasures

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on May 30, 2006 - 7:43pm

yeah.. what stuff do peeps like that is well.. guilty pleasures mauahaha!

I love Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson... SUE ME! tongue.gif

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That makes you automatically gay!, just think of an incredibly catchy and popular metal song like The Trooper Revolution is my Name.

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He has some pretty catchy stuff.
I'm quite into R&B.
I listen to Usher alot too, he's got some real good songs imo.

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^^ High five! laugh.gif

Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Outkast - Rosa Parks
Outkast - Ms. Jackson

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Queens Of The Stone Age are amazing, no reason to feel guilty for liking them.

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Tom Araya's a Catholic. And I am God. It all makes sense.

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Toto unsure.gif

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How low can you go?

Word.. It is good music! biggrin.gif

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Against Me!'s new album, "New Wave".


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QUOTE(Grimfurg the Mighty @ Jan 20 2007, 09:59 AM) [snapback]341797[/snapback]

The first cassette I've ever bought must've been "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" played by a band I don't remember the name.

It was mostly likely "Tight Fit", their version (from 1982) is probably the most famous.

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It's hidden away in a cupboard now. tongue.gif

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Not at all.

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The Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Its been stuck in my head since I watched "100 Greatest One Hit Wonders" on VH1 a couple nights ago... blink.gif >_<

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Justin Timberlake.

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guilty pleasures if i admitted what i used to like id end bein tortoured for it dry.gif coughtechnocoughravecough but i love all metal and can really listen to anythin

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Tricky is an awsome song, and Australian rock is hardly a guilty pleasure
Aussie Crawl ftw

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Tiger Army. But I'm not guilty at all. biggrin.gif

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Rascall Flatts- What hurts the Most

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Basically anything Metal (no surprise there) rocky (still no surprise) or classic 70s and 80s (:0) I'll listen to.

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QUOTE(Storm of Damnation @ Nov 1 2008, 05:50 AM) [snapback]455230[/snapback]

Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low

You have to love it. tongue.gif

I had Destiny stuck in my head the other day, I feel you. Three Days Grace has regularly been on my guilty pleasures list, "The Animal I Have Become" being the most frequent track.....gah.

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Nice guilty pleasure, hellcat (:

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In Flames new cd

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yeah.. fuck off.

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I checked them out, well i checked her out.. She is pretty hot like laugh.gif Doesnt sound too bad either

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QUOTE(Voice Of Deception)

Fort Minor - Where'd You Go?

sleep.gif Someone shoot me.

Don't worry I like it too.

Does that mean I'll get shot too? :cry: ah well, lady's first laugh.gif

Asshole. laugh.gif

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Haha, Travis aren't that bad! I actually quite enjoy a few of their tracks.. Mostly from 'The Invisible Band' album..

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QUOTE(Blinded by Fear @ Mar 1 2007, 06:44 PM) [snapback]354720[/snapback]

I should have used the word "allegedly." One of my friends says he's the best drummer the world and pretends to like Slipknot as a result. I don't think he has any evidence for Joey being a good drummer other than videos of Joey drum solos on YouTube: "OMGZ HE IZ LYK SO AMAZIN!!!!1!!!!!1!1111!!"

i remember i went to a backstreet boys concert (I WAS YOUNG!! AND FOOLISH!!) and nick carter done a drum solo and everyone was like, oh wow he can play drums, look a wee pop guy playin drums.
Kinda the same thing.

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i also have james blunt album aswell as Jo jo's and im going to shut up now before i just totally say whats in my guilty plesures cd collection

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QUOTE(Anton XVII @ Dec 26 2006, 05:58 PM) [snapback]332125[/snapback]

Robbie Williams.

No, I don't care. I was brought up listening to his first three albums -
Life Thru A Lens,
I've Been Expecting You,
Sing When Your Winning,

and then the non-album tracks. I still really enjoy them, so screw it. I like early Robbie Williams.

Same with me and George Michael. The CD would go on whenever I got into the car with my parents and now I can't help but smile and think of my early childhood when I hear anything by him. laugh.gif