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The Newcomers Welcome Thread Pt. III

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on June 16, 2006 - 10:26pm

Newcomers to the Trivium board, introduce yourselves here.

Old members, go ahead and introduce yourselves again if need be.

You know the Drill.

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dang, someone just post her picture anyway! laugh.gif

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lol @ max

welcome. enjoy the party

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Butbutbut Mattie, you're a Brummie ROFLMFAO

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QUOTE(BigDave89 @ Jan 20 2007, 12:46 AM) [snapback]341730[/snapback]

I'm 6' 2'' smile.gif

Best height ever.

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dude how skinny are you? 6'4 and your only 69kgs?
i'm 5'9 and before i got sick i was 72...

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QUOTE(Dance of death)

The Prof likes BFMV now does he?  :lol:

Adores them in fact.


*Madden awaits the Profs return in fear of a potential metal beatdown, as its against the law to fight back against the Prof*

Actually I do love BFMV.

Thoughts of chucking them in an industrial mincer make me very happy indeed.

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laugh.gif going to bed. Yawn.

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Just something he's good at ...

Welcome all

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And if you dont all have fun *cocks shotgun*

I'll make you have fun! :shock:


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grapes can shit? :shock:

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haha what a co-in-ki-dink!!!

ok hi Catherine nice to meet you wink.giflaugh.gif

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maybe he forgot to introduce himself or....those 200 posts were made in a few days and he hasn't been on...its a mystery!

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What up yo. names Jay, kickin out in cali. new to the board... first day =6-22-06 so yeah, i just came to see what's up, Lol.

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Welcome smile.gif

i'm guessing you're female?

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Half norwegian, ye say?


Welcome aboard, have fun and keep posting. we arent as scary as people think.

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We couldn't care less about spam.
Send a guy called "Ninju" a message calling him a fat cunt, he'll send you a nice little present in return.

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QUOTE(Jaysin @ Mar 30 2008, 08:36 AM) [snapback]426404[/snapback]

I heard that.

you're all banned.

Do you really wanna start that again? Honestly...

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Yes, you will be fine as long as you avoid madden's cavernous jaws.

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Name: Raymond
Location: Dallas, Texas
Interest: Music, photoshop, and Trucks

Raymond, can I call you Ray?!

I hear Dallas is a nice place also.


Ahh, ya doesn't has to call me Johnson! You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay,


I almost said that until I read your post.

I would say Dallas sucks ass I hate it, too much pollution.

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QUOTE(Craigo - The wasted life @ Oct 7 2007, 01:56 PM) [snapback]395628[/snapback]

Ooooh yeah, although it is sort of fun being rejected from contempory society. laugh.gif

well it does breed contempt. I should know. biggrin.gif

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QUOTE(Carnage @ Dec 26 2006, 11:50 PM) [snapback]332469[/snapback]

lol are you drunk

more people have gotten together here then any dating included wink.gif


Yes I was Gus.

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thats pretty tiny

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this is simply a thread where we regurgitate "hey" "stay posting" "what part of (insert city name here) you from?"

hasnt changed smile.gif

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there are only 19 members over 1000 posts anyway

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me get over myself?
Look who's talking, captain fucking "i make triviums website, lolz"

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wow first time my grammer has ever been corrected outiside of school, i cant wait to get to know everyone on this site!!! sleep.gifrolleyes.gif

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That didnt help Ellie biggrin.gif

But ill go with Carnage

Jason, delete this biatch!

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holy shit ohmy.gif