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The Newcomers Welcome Thread Pt. III

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on June 16, 2006 - 10:26pm

Newcomers to the Trivium board, introduce yourselves here.

Old members, go ahead and introduce yourselves again if need be.

You know the Drill.

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My bad.

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squating_dog's picture name is Squating_Dog (go figure)

Just found the place..strikes my interest...later dudes.

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In general i just kept my opinions of people to myself. Even now there are still one or two people that i really can't stand. So i usually just ignore them.

I know some of the old guys use to act like pricks to some people. But if you actually showed some sign of intelligence you pretty much got left alone.

But yes. Welcome smile.gif

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probably not. He is the first of the "Crusaders" ((God i hate myself for that pun))

Welcome aboard anyway.

thanks.. and whats that supposed to mean? "first of the crusaders"? :?

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Put it away Phil wink.gif

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QUOTE(Dorsteinn @ Nov 6 2007, 04:20 AM) [snapback]399439[/snapback]

Stop posting things unrelated to the topic.
/admin flash back

you have no power now....mwahahahahaha. *cough*

QUOTE(Podgie @ Nov 6 2007, 10:37 AM) [snapback]399459[/snapback]

Yeah.. it was fun while it lasted but, what he said. wink.gif

If any new people come in they will just think we're all crazy! (I know we are, but shhhhhhhhhhh!) tongue.gif

We're metallers though...we're always a little freaky. *smashes plate on my head* See completely loopy.

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im too lazy to read through that big long post. Welcome aboard Khan.

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My name suggests only what I wish for in my own fucked up life. My friend...well I don't know if she's even on the boards. I'll have to ask her. Hm.

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sweet! biggrin.gif

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Hey, new to the forums.. ummm, go Trivium? lol. TRIVIUM FTW, always, except when Linkin Parks involved! tongue.gif

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Welcome aboard man. Stick around and post some stuff. Ye'll fit in fine.

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haha those silly americans....only them eh.

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Chris. just use your old account b00n.

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We should have a "Holy shit Im still here!" thread.

any one who posts her longer than 2 days deserves a place in that thread.

-----EDIT-----sorry for double post... didnt know i did o.O

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QUOTE(The Phenom @ Feb 22 2008, 09:01 AM) [snapback]419123[/snapback]

Actually just checked...unbelievably clean forum laugh.gif

Yeah, our moderator team are awesome smile.gif [/sucking up]

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Are you Jesus?

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thats 1 way to chat up a veggie

"i like celery"


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why did you leave?

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not exactly new but I've decided to come back here again after months of not posting, finished my first year of college so hopefully I'm a lot wiser ph34r.gif

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sup G... wheres your ends blud?

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Well, I don't think there's a country that's the 'best'
Because the all have there flaws
Like Australia, for example
We have good weather on the coast
But we're pretty much isolated from everywhere else!!!

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QUOTE(Blinded by Fear @ Jan 3 2007, 02:47 PM) [snapback]335832[/snapback]

What is kr? Kenny Roberts?

Kenny Roberts Jr. *

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QUOTE(LonelySuperCraigo @ Mar 12 2007, 11:14 AM) [snapback]359050[/snapback]

Sorry Madden.

I just hate Sony for some stupid reason.

By the way, I own an Xbox 360.

Now lets not let this stupid comment war go between us and I like totally propose a new start as we have got off on the wrong foot.

god you sound so typically american when u say "i like totally propose a new start", scary dairy.

QUOTE(LonelySuperCraigo @ Mar 12 2007, 11:22 AM) [snapback]359052[/snapback]

I must say.

Thank you to all that haven't judged me so far.

One more think. What is everyones stance on Emo. I quite like it + emo females are hot in my opinion.

Gotta go now bye.

my stance is....their alright to an extent, the people i mean, it really depends on their personality coz some of them i would get on fine with them and others id rather cut off my tongue than talk to them. The music is repetitive, boring, its shit basically...the old old old stuff that everyone forgets about except when their trying to say emo is great (Rites of Spring) is pretty good, i like it, sounds nothing like what emo is considered today.
Ah see back in the day of emo, the people that played were punks and therefore did turn up their nose to commercialism and preferred the DIY ethic but heh thats changed now, shame.
Oh and metal girls are hotter.

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QUOTE(Dorsteinn @ Dec 18 2007, 11:15 PM) [snapback]405097[/snapback]

All unbanned, and warning level reset. Welcome back.

will you ever reset my 20% warning level? ive been a good girl and that was for going offtopic. Pleaseeeee?
Wait...are you still an admin?

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I like You

Why ?

She may like you, but I dislike you with minimum evaluation.

Arnt you a twat.

Yeah he/she really is.

I haven't seen one positive post.

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QUOTE(antheas @ Mar 15 2007, 04:59 PM) [snapback]360148[/snapback]

i would guess so...
anyway, new people is always a good thing, if theyre not an arse.... so dont be! laugh.gif

ahhh you got nothing to worry about here

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What can I say - it's a fantastic album.

If you like DT, you should check out Engel if you haven't already.

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Name: Alex (call me Dolton. Everyone does)
Age: 15
Location: Australia
Likes: Music, reading
Dislikes: Massive homophobes! ( sorry but I just don't see how people can be scared of those who like people of the same sex)

About me: I am a person who suffers from manic depression and have tried to commit suicide on many different occassions but am now trying to turn my life around and make it better. I am not 100% straight. I am bi. And anyone who has a problem with that can go crawl into a pit of fire.