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The Newcomers Welcome Thread Pt. III

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on June 16, 2006 - 10:26pm

Newcomers to the Trivium board, introduce yourselves here.

Old members, go ahead and introduce yourselves again if need be.

You know the Drill.

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Windir are a pretty good band.
Svartesmeden og lundamyrstroll is by far their best song, that and Dauden.

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QUOTE(Ninju @ Feb 25 2007, 06:15 PM) [snapback]353291[/snapback]

You all need to stop this madness and be welcoming to new members or i'll just not allow you to post in this thread.

You have no reason to treat people you don't know like crap.

To be fair, they dont stick around long enough for us to treat them like crap.

Anyway, welcome to the new person, have fun, post lots and make friends...we dont bite....much.

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QUOTE(The Cookie Monster)

Matt's such a wanker.

Now now.. I know you love me really! tongue.gif

Im like the dude who helps old ladies across the street... just so I can steal their purse! smile.gif


stood behind an old lady in the queue for the bank yesterday... i swear she took out like £10,000 :shock: do you knwo who fucking tempted i was to push her over and run like the fucking wind?!?! i mean really... she was fucking loaded!!! also, i been on a bus before when a woman sat down, dropped her purse, and i didnt say shit, but as she got up, guilt got to me so i handed it her back... she gave me 5 quid for reward money, but turns out there was like 250 in there lol.

Its because you are white. smile.gif

If you were would have run for it! laugh.gif

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greetings to all people

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awwww... you know it is really baby tongue.gif

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I read it all and was about to post my reply.. then I read Podgie's response and burst into laughter so I forgot what I was originally going to say.


I want a PHOTO! ohmy.gif

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QUOTE(bloodhawk @ Jun 16 2007, 03:03 PM) [snapback]382093[/snapback]

yeah man!
its a sick album! cool.gif

It is indeed biggrin.gif

Its, Ember to Inferno..

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Welcome back sir. =)

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what a riveting off to be sick in a bucket.

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He'll take anything on four legs.

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Don't mention it biggrin.gif

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Thought so. Dont ask me why...but I had an inkling.

How are ya doin you Egyptian thrasher?

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saying that while SOBER is amusing laugh.gif

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Name: Ashley
Age: 21 and apparently really old compared to most on here
location: the craziest city in the us lol
Interests: driking, basketball, playing my guitar, and metal

i'm fairly new on whats up

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what i lack for in height, i try to make up for in volume and muscles....

both failing miserably....

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I just realised that I messed up and neglected this post so here i am rolleyes.gif Introduction...what to type..what to type?
Trivium has shown me the light into the dark world that is Metal. So thanks boys.

I'm from Melbourne (Australia) which is where I first rocked out to Trivium at the BDO. They totally shat all over Tool and The Killers and everyone else that day. As I'm currently living in Germany, I couldn't miss the opportunity to see them live in Malmö (Sweden), London (Borderline show) and in June the Rock Am Ring (Germany).

I'm 21, an Aquarius and love to take long walks on the beach and you can call me now on 555... just kidding.

If anyone up here happens to be going to the Rock Am Ring it would be awesome to meet up as I'm totally flying solo for the weekend. Thanks for the welcome biggrin.gif


P.S Everything I do on the net I use the same screen-name Pinkender or some variation of it. So if you see it on youtube, Skype or myspace it's me and feel free to say hello smile.gif

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Occupation: Professional Cook/Wrestler/Bikini Model

That's hot. I'd like to see some pictures. wink.gif

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i want you to stick around and post often... msot noobs post 3 times then fuck off... you how ever, have reached seven posts. kudos

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haha true.

i am quite proud of myself. i've been posting lots lately biggrin.gif. i think i've worked my way to about 33rd highest poster

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Its a fucking beast.

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QUOTE(Madden @ Mar 30 2008, 11:53 PM) [snapback]426544[/snapback]

MadSin will slay you.

How so?

Your currently asphyxiated. As we have regulated air for purchase...Total Recall style wink.gif

"See you at the party, Richter!"

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What, and you think i need you to tell me that?

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Cheers Elliot smile.gif

My name is my username too.I couldnt think of anything so I figured my name would do tongue.gif

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you are most welcome here.

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Seth? Rick?

Im takin a guess here

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Dudes and Dudettes:

Greetings and salutations...I hope from now on I make your lives miserable and physically unbearable haha



Sorry, that job's already taken!

But welcome anyway! 8)

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QUOTE(Mattie @ Jan 9 2008, 10:46 PM) [snapback]409373[/snapback]

I remember when I first was speaking to you Ellie.. haha. Memories.

Ooooo, you know me so well don't you. Shame I'm a completely different person now isn't it smile.gif

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YASSS it's so bloody boring in my work.

Noone comes in at all.

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Name: Jade, Everyone calles me Axl
Age: 18
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Likes: Fruit tingles, Mash potato and Corona with lemon.
Is: Smoker, drinker, pretty much rad.