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The Newcomers Welcome Thread Pt. III

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on June 16, 2006 - 10:26pm

Newcomers to the Trivium board, introduce yourselves here.

Old members, go ahead and introduce yourselves again if need be.

You know the Drill.

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You Aussie fucker, you cool.gif

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Hi, i am Engel, i am a GTA stunter, metal and german industrial freak, and guitar player. and i'm glad to be on this forum. smile.gif

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...not really.

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QUOTE(Stushed @ Dec 21 2007, 06:08 PM) [snapback]405414[/snapback]

i thought you lost 20% warn for good behaviour after 3 weeks? i've been on 80% on psyched for over 6 months now i think...

After 3 weeks? ive had this flippin thing for months. It's not fair...its like having a criminal record.

QUOTE(Crushing Day @ Dec 21 2007, 09:52 PM) [snapback]405434[/snapback]

I'm at 20%. That was for calling Dustin a Nazi I think. How rebellious was I?

hehe...very funny.

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Welcome Debby.
I'm sure you'll have several of our male members E-humping you in no time.
don't worry, it happens to every girl on here.

have fun on the boards.

use THIS thread to find your way around.

I checked her Myspace.. she looks more like a woman.. not a girl. :wink:

No offence Debby smile.gif

She met Dave Mustaine too ohmy.gif

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Glad to be of amusement.

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QUOTE(ScottishAnarchist @ Nov 8 2007, 02:23 AM) [snapback]399656[/snapback]

Aww say thank u to your ever growing metal curls.

They say "anytime smile.gif"

QUOTE(Elliot @ Nov 8 2007, 12:42 AM) [snapback]399641[/snapback]

I'm meant to be annotating code and doing a test log, but i'm on here reading Mattie's Friendly Afro And Other Short Stories...

Heh. I aim to entertain and please cool.gif

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Welcome aboard man. Have fun.

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What's wrong with Phil?!

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QUOTE(Jouke @ May 21 2007, 11:59 AM) [snapback]378068[/snapback]

in english more juke than joke.

i use both The Netherlands and holland.

but "the netherlands" is a better translation than "holland".

I thought so...lovely name biggrin.gif. So the dutch prefer the netherlands?....sounds naughty as well i guess that fits in with their country. Very naughty country har har har. The last of the free countries.

QUOTE(Craigo/The Wasted Fly @ May 21 2007, 12:11 PM) [snapback]378072[/snapback]

I just popped on to say.

Hi to our new International forum user.

PS Multi culturalism is good, and the BNP are just a load of hypocryts that I will never vote for.

What in gods name are on about? of course the BNP are hypocrites, i can think of worse names for them. And if they come into power they'll have me volunteering to assasinate them, as if an anarchist like me is gonna let pigs like them rule over anyone. I went on their site once, to do a bit of diggin and they had a policy saying they were gonna ban intermarriage, i emailed them about it and it disappeared the following day. I should of copied and saved it. Anyway back to the topic...welcome one and welcome alllll.

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Name: Leon Shelley
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Age: 34 (old)
Status: Divorced with three children
Occupation: Nil, former RAF Officer
Favourite Bands: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Zeppelin and....Trivium
Interests: Play in local rock band (guitar/bass), Anime, 40K

Going to see Trivium for the second time 23/12/06 at Earls Court supporting Maiden. Can't wait! Two of my favourite bands on one bill (plus some random bird with a famous dad). See some of you there!

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Greetings everyone!
Erm, I'm Andy and I'm 15 from Cornwall. Been registered here for a while, just never posted :/

j00 n00b p05t j00 gh3y!!11

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You didn't miss much. tongue.gif

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Ok Elliot, we can play this so called 'Podgie Hangman' game. However, you need to either do it in the genral discussion thread or create a new thread.

The choice, is yoooooooouuuuurrss!

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ooooh i like her...does irish dancing and races....girls girls girls!!

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hello n00bie. welcome aboard smile.gif

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Aye, welcome aboard man! wink.gif

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This is abit like the paralympics.
No matter if you win gold or not.. your still guna look retarded.


Only kiddin boyo.

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Thats the best explanation ever.

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hey my names nick i like metal and beer and thats all you really need to know.

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Good luck breathing.

I have full domain over the oxygen on this planet.

you can have anything out of the exosphere.

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QUOTE(Mattie @ Dec 18 2007, 08:08 PM) [snapback]404995[/snapback]

Amanda sometimes chats to me through Myspace. And I did get a text from her not long ago.

The Scotslady lives smile.gif


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QUOTE(Creeping Dan @ Feb 20 2008, 07:52 PM) [snapback]418771[/snapback]

Your into golden showers? laugh.gif

Welcome man!

Golden showers laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif Maybe just metaphorically speaking laugh.gif Thanks!

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How irrelevant.

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hi there biggrin.gif iam new biggrin.gif

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QUOTE(What Drives The Force)

Hey, I used to post on the Shadows Fall board, but it went down, so I thought I would give this one a try. 8)


I hope you aint one of the Trivium haters from there! laugh.gif :wink:

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Im just replying to your post, and listening to some Belphegor.

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QUOTE(The Cookie Monster)

She met Dave Mustaine too  :o

Everyone's met him though wink.gif

Welcome Debby smile.gif

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QUOTE(Dissident-Newby @ Feb 4 2007, 07:07 AM) [snapback]345899[/snapback]

Sex: Yes Please LOLZ, ROFL, LMAO


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I.e; We will talk shit, have fun and post a lot. Feel free to join in the merryment.

Welcome aboard.