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The Newcomers Welcome Thread Pt. III

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on June 16, 2006 - 10:26pm

Newcomers to the Trivium board, introduce yourselves here.

Old members, go ahead and introduce yourselves again if need be.

You know the Drill.

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leave billy joel out of it. the piano man owns your soul :twisted:

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Hi newcomers. Remember that Jesus loves you.

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I'm not new here, but I don't think I posted in this yet. And because of my lazyness, i feel I won't check and would rather risk repeating myself:

Name: Nargul The Forest Slayer
Age: 197 Years
Location: The Fjords off the Coast of Norway
Occupation: Dark Ritualising ( ) and laying the slay on forests, villages, people, and my liver and kidneys (via vodka, and other 40%+ beverages, shot, without chaser, because chaser is for chicks)


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I know, I was just joking. I can clearly see that my warning level is still at 0%. wink.gif

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dont make me hungry *tummy rumbles*

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1. 'Broadsword' is an awesome name, we like vikings, warriors and what not here smile.gif
2. Ive never been to Canada
3. You were a headbanger a year before i was born.. which is fucking cool man.
4. All your favorite bands are awesome cool.gif
5. Excuse this random post, im in a funny mood.. tongue.gif
6. Welcome to the boards!!!

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how about someone tells the next newcommer to fuck off and see what happens? have a count on how long it takes them to reach 1000 posts

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Name: D.C. Valentine.
Status: single
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: fayetteville, TN
Body type: 5' 7" / More to love!
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Education: High school grad

To totally steal Kristin's idea.

i have an overly inflated ego and think I'm queen of the world.

So pardon that.

Edit: I realized just now that this thread is eighty eight pages long, and kristin's idea was on page three.


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You're so Death Metal Chris ohmy.gif

Welcome Jagermeister Likin' Girl who will only post three times and abandon us..

Sad but True sad.gif

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ohmy.gif It's Doctor Who!

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QUOTE(Futures1 @ Sep 10 2007, 11:05 PM) [snapback]392674[/snapback]


Not greedy tongue.gif doubling my (already small) chances biggrin.gif

(that is if you were commenting on me being bi tongue.gif)

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Maybe this'll mean trivium will take notice and put more scotland dates not that i'm complaining.

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Hey smile.gif You're band are pretty good man, the songs sound like they will sound awesome when you can get them recorded at full quality smile.gif

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welcome to teh boards Necromancer hope you enjoy... if you dont.. VERY bad things will happen to you... for example... your little poodle getting raped by a pitbul!

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sppedway racer aye? you officially have more balls than me, all the motorbikes i ride come with brakes as standard tongue.gif

good to have ya here biggrin.gif

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I don't remember that. The one that posted an essay and he tore apart tho.

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Is that the first post you've read from me, seriously, I dont have a good track record.

*Last Post*
I swear.

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QUOTE(The Cookie Monster)

^ Fucking Right Sir.

..Nice DUCK btw  8)


Its missing something... :?

A viking hat and a sword... then it shall be kvlt! 8)

It is kvlt without them. Thats how Ub3r it is.

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I know, I never get them.
But after doing it for about 4 hours and doing it REALLY fast, it fucking drills.
And I was doing it on Sunday heaps as well.

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Stop, now. Can I go eat dinner now or do I have to keep looking over you children?? Grow the fuck up.

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No idea, but wassup wassup!?

*shamless african-americanizing*

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QUOTE(Sir Daniel)

Excuse me, but, SILENCE.

London pwnz.


Camborne owns cos it has this guy who me and my friends know as Powerwalk Guy laugh.gif

He's basically just some weird guy that walks (powerwalks) around telling children to watch out for rapists and 'pedingphiles' as he calls them. He also gives me and my mates newspaper clippings the most recent of which was about some guy that got killed by a lion. laugh.gif

That's .... weird.

It is. One day he just started talking to us and we were scared shitless. Now we've just got used to him. I think he's actually harmless but has a lesser mental age or something like that. It's funny in a sick, twisted way if you know what I mean.

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Ive never introduced myself in here. Damn.

Hell. Errm my name is Minister Bonesaw. Im 1087685 years old (i was spawned in the Earths Core you see).

My hobbies are writing bone crushing riffs, bone crushing, villiage burning and witch hunting.

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Dude, I know what you mean.

I fucking HATE it when n00bs do that to forums I go on, and even Moderate. It's like, if you're gonna sign up, post, faggot!

But aye, I'll stick around. I'm quite vocal on forums, so people will get to know what I'm like quite quickly.

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wow... the newcomers welcome thread has now become the newcomers detterent thread.

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saying it already exists... even though it dont... unless someone stole it the second i changed it?

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Yes, of course. I'm terribly saddened by the fact that I'm not involved in this whirlwind of imaginary homoeroticism.

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you've got the highest post count now that mattie is unavailable

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Cheese of the hat variety?

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QUOTE(Mattie @ Dec 18 2007, 07:48 PM) [snapback]404986[/snapback]

Sana's back, yays!

Now we just await the return of Madden, Rick, Brian and Amanda. laugh.gif

I'm also happy with that, *Bow down to the old skoolers*