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What band and album are you really into these days?

grimfurg the mighty's picture
on April 13, 2006 - 2:11pm

Celtic frost, oh yeah. Not the new crap.

I already had "To Mega Therion" for a long time, kick ass album (Circle Of Tyrants!!).
I bought Morbid Tales, really good album, I suggest Suicidale Winds and Into the Crypts of Rays, good stuff.

As for the album.

Obituary. I am a big fan, mostly Cause Of Death is my favorite, I have all they're stuff though, and I enjoy all of it. So as I was checking out on my old CDs o see if I could add stuff on my iPod, and then I found Slowly We Rot. Then I said to myself "Damn, I totally forgot were that album was!", so for the past three days, I've been listening to SWR, and I love it.
But I don't know if it's better than COD, they're both as good.

EDIT: Shit I have a little probleme, when I downloaded for the first time Suicidal Winds on Limewire, it was completly different than the one I stated here. Suicidal Winds is actually an Instrumental song. So if any of you might know please tell me the name of that song.

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Still In Waves, Ascendancy and Shogun!!
Machine fucking Head - Unto The Locust and Anthrax - Worship Music!
Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Iced Earth - Dystopia
and even the new Shinedown!

Usually I've prided myself for liking fresh music, but now I've had to change that to reasonably new absolutely brilliant music! :D

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Slayer-South Of Heaven

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I just got the new Fueled By Fire in the mail. PM me or reply to this post if you want me to give you the upload link after I upload it.

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i was listening to an Arch Enemy song today and was like "wow that sounds like carcass", then realized it was a cover. laugh.gif

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I'm really liking 'Octavarium' by Dream Theater and 'The Jester Race' by In Flames just now.

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Obituary- Slowly We Rot

Obituary- Cause of Death

Fucking awesome Death metal

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Thats the thing about bands everyone knows about... Theres always a better and more interesting band thats out there doing it but no one has heard of them laugh.gif

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Pinkerton,by Weezer
Lateralus,by Tool
So far,so what!,Megadeth
Alive or just breathing,Killswitch Engage
And out come the wolves,Rancid

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After that buy Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death and The End Complete, Obituary's best albums.

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Argh!!! Hate Eternal are the most boring death metal band in the world!!!

You know Rutan fell asleep at the wheel and crashed their tour van a few years back? Well I still say he was listening to "King Of All Kings" at the time and it bored him asleep!

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QUOTE(Sana @ Jan 29 2008, 07:31 AM) [snapback]414610[/snapback]

Awesome choice, Desaster are amazing.

Indeed they are Sana, indeed they are. cool.gif

666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate is on it's way.. I'll probably end up picking up their other albums sooner or later too, I've REALLY liked what I've heard so far.

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Bahaha, to be honest, so would I tongue.gif

trivium3_carnage's picture

i cant wait for Augurys new album smile.gif

Ive been listening to alot of Masters Hammer and Sepulturas Morbid Visions album.

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Sacred reich's been fucking ripping my cock off for about two weeks from now.

I want somebody to send me Scared reich's Ignorance please.

Can somebody upload it?

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Metal Militia, Paolos old band

well, what 14 songs by them I have!

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Sorry Gus, I fucking hate Reload. Infact, hate probably doesnt describe how much I loathe it.

trivium3_carnage's picture

Kylesa are pretty awesome, im seeing them tomorrow with Amebix and Atakke smile.gif

misroch's picture

the mars volta - the bedlam in goliath

its fucking ace

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everyones getting into doom on these boards at the moment, I blame Ellie and Podgie for starting the trend tongue.gif lol

in all honesty the only "doom2 band Ive really listened to is cathedral, am I missing out guys??? tongue.gif

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Nickelback? What is wrong with you guys?

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QUOTE(Mattie @ Sep 5 2007, 11:17 AM) [snapback]392129[/snapback]

Krisiun - AssassiNation

I need more of their stuff... anyone got any recommendations of what albums to own by them? (Carnage Im talking to you mainly tongue.gif)

Black Force Domain, Conquerors of Armageddon and Bloodshed are my favourites, but they are all pretty amazing albums, shame the production isnt as good as in Assassination on the older albums.

Podgie's picture

Yeah.. I could have listed Destruction aswel bwahaha cool.gif

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QUOTE(Frozen Stormrider)


HELLO MR TARDY! biggrin.gif


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QUOTE(poisoned blimpy)

Pestilence - Consuming Impulse  
Nocturnus - The Key

lol hi 2 u
Shah - Beware
Liege Lord - Master Control
Hibria - Defying the Rules

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hahaha quite a step from emo!!  :lol:  

Aftershock - Five Steps From Forever

Have you got the whole album?

As a huge KsE fan.. I demand you send me that album somehow! tongue.gif

trivium3_carnage's picture

its like buddhist metal smile.gif great band, prof have been mentioning them for some time now.

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Im been listening to Mudvaynes "L.D. 50" alot lately. The album is amazing.

Nu Metal?

I'm really into Behemoth lately, and Early In Flames.

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Lord - A Personal Journey.

its only available in Aus tho sorry. i'll talk to the band and see if they mind me putting it on stay metal alliance. maybe they'de appreciate the publicity biggrin.gif

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I've really been into all things Rob Halford this month....Judas Priest, Fight, and Halford.

matt demon's picture

Ignore them? laugh.gif

If Chris had managed to keep his vocals that he did on The Bleeding... well Six Feet Under might have more fans and be less "disliked". lol