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imma crazy out there circus style performance artist, i feel like i belong in Trivium's wolrd
making art whether its making costumes, painting using pastels, or dancing ice skating, Qigong, wiiidddee range of capabilities In my free time i meditate stretch connect to the universe, and make lots of art
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#1.TRIVIUM!!! then there are tons of bands, ranging from The Temptations, to Black Sabbath, to Steely Dan....even The Gorillaz
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
seeing you guys in Lancaster, i had a broken foot at the time, but it was incredible, ill never forget Paolo and how he gave me the thumbs up signal for the painting i made for them....I will continue to shower the band with gifts of my art, they deserve it
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anyone know how to post a profile pic? for some reason i cant...and i ended up putting a pic of me in the wrong spot..

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been a fan since The Crusade love still