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  • 29.06.11
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Trivium the Band's picture
on June 29, 2011 - 9:12am


Knacker's picture

Sicckkkk ! I want the rest of the album now ! So for instan there are good song ! Listenning trivium is the life !

Guitarplayer15's picture

One word:brutal

SamLempriere's picture

Fucking Brutal, But In My Opinion I Miss The Clean Vocals :( Hopefully They Will Still Have Some! Already Pre-Ordered This Beast! Can't Wait To Hear The Rest Of The Album!

Like Light to Germany's picture

Powerfull, nice riffs. I love it. Can´t wait for more!!! No one can moan beause of any "EMO" stuff.

Guys Germany is waiting for You. :)

ThousandRoseBurial's picture

@Like Light to Germany: Dont Even Mention The Word "EMO" Here.... Fag....

Blackrooted's picture

Just saw the live video of Dusk from the Asylum. One word.... Amazing! The fact you let a fan on stage to sing with you guys for Ember. That's what it's about! I cannot wait to see you guys in Albuquerque!

Anton Falkone's picture

Really greatest metal song all over the world! Awesome! Album will be great! I think it'll be the best metal album! New age of metal, right! really fuck yeah! :p

Like Light to Germany's picture

I´m sorry!!! I will never mention of the "E" word again :p

MartinArgentinianShogun's picture

What a great fucking song!I cant wait for my pre ordered copy to arrive.That guitar solo rips !!!! Great song,it sounds like a mix of the best of both worlds:Ascendancy-Shogun ! Amazing!

AkechiMitsuhide's picture

Great song, I just hope Matt sings more on the other songs, no problem with this one though