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Exclusive Interview with Paolo

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on July 3, 2013 - 12:00am

You just completed a 160-mile bike ride from London to Download, so talk a little bit about that experience...

Yeah, about 161-162, give or take. It was pretty difficult. I mean, I’d been riding a little bit before, down in Florida, and I’m a pretty active person, but it was one of those things where if you’ve never really experienced the hills and the weather…you can’t really train for something like that unless you’re already in those kinds of conditions. And Florida is absolutely nothing like England in terms of terrain or weather, so while I guess riding my bike 40 or 50 miles down here was definitely good—I was in better shape than had I not done it—but after the first day, I was definitely like, this is pretty brutal.

So were you just getting rained on the whole time, basically?

It wasn’t raining the whole time. For anyone that’s ever been to the UK, or for anyone who lives there, you obviously know that the weather can be kind of unpredictable. And as you’re traveling across the country, it’s even more unpredictable, cause you’re constantly coming into new situations. On the second day, right after lunch, there was this huge storm that came out of nowhere and honestly, before lunch it was super hot, so we were all sweating our asses off and the rain came and it was really cold and then for 40 minutes it just was totally pissing down rain. At one point it actually hailed, which was demoralizing, especially going up a hill at like one mile an hour and being like, wow, this is definitely more than I thought it would be. But at the end of the day, we were doing it for charity, and I like doing stuff like that. It’s totally…it’s one of those things where Justin, our manager, and I just said screw it, let’s do this, let’s ride up to Download on a bike and it was kind of a crazy, spur of the moment decision, but it was definitely memorable and I’m glad to say that I rode a bike the whole way to Download and then spent the whole weekend there. It was a different way to experience going to a festival...CONTINUE READING

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