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The New and Improved and Triviumworld

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on September 14, 2009 - 1:19pm

Welcome firstly We'd like to thank you for visiting our brand new site, it really means a lot that you take the time to visit and check out the latest news, so thats why we wanted to make this whole experience much cooler !.. We thought we'd take some time to explain the new look and how it all operates !

When you enter the website, you'll firstly see a completely new and fresh look, and next you'll see the new layout of the page, up top right beneath the Trivium logo you'll have navigation access to the whole site: Home, News, Music, Video and a whole lot more.. its all there !

Another new feature of the website is at its core it is a true Web 2.0 compliant website (for those Techies out there) which means every single item on you can comment on, rate and share anywhere across 1 of 40 available social networks, were also making sure that the forums are a lot more integrated with the site and its current style, so if you go to a show and write up a great review or post a cool video from that show one of our team can just as easily pick up that post and promote it to a full on news article and you'll get the credit !. as this new site is .. well "New" we expect you find a couple bugs and things that just need that last bit of polish, we hope .. encourage users to seek out these bugs we even have an easy way to report them ! on every page you will see a little pull-out tab labelled feedback, this will allow you to make comment on any page you want to make an improvement or report missing functionality, or just to say how happy or not you ware with it, this idea of yours will travel top speed to our own little IT Team who will churn through them and even post up a comment on what the status of your submitted idea or bug. :-)

The next big thing that's new for is the seamless integration of both and, Triviumworld members will be able to access all the same resources as a regular member in a unified way as well as access tonnes of Triviumworld exclusive content, such as Chats with the band exclusive video messages and regular communication from the band in there own forum area, as well as access to all the regular features Triviumworld members have come to accept such as Meet & Greet, Live chats and Exclusive Club Footage

Well that about covers it .. did we mention you don't even have to sign up if you were already a member ? oh well.. We have now ! members who hold both Triviumworld and accounts will find there accounts merged into 1 access all areas account !

Here's what Paolo has to say about it all : CLICK HERE!

So Enjoy !


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