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Our Vengeance Falls

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on October 15, 2013 - 12:49pm
This is an album that we planned and talked about for over two years.  It is a turning point just as every album before it has been,  but possibly one of the most pivotal.  Heavy music is a constantly evolving target with trends coming and going and each album cycle begins with a different musical landscape; be it a changing industry, different tastes, or new listeners.  These are intangibles that you can't possibly write a record around or predict with any certainty, so what we do is visualize where we are as a band at that moment and plan what we want to do & hear.
The music for Vengeance Falls came together over the course of touring the world for In Waves.  Almost every song on the album can be tied to a different city or country around the world.  Places as diverse as Poughkeepsie, NY, and Madrid, Spain.  You all had more to do with this record then you will ever know.  We never feel more inspired then when we are sharing our time with all our Trivium family around the world.   We find when touring and playing music every day that we get inspired by our surroundings to create new music.  
We wrote it through all the ups and downs of daily tour life,  after a great show or when we were counting the days to get home.  The original album title  Wake may have even fit our head space more throughout the early writing,  in the thick of a show after show run.  By the half-way point of recording however,  we changed our minds to Vengeance Falls as that became the perfect fit for us as the record title; a band very confident in where we are at and what we stood for with our music.   
With the momentum from In Waves,  taking an extended break after touring to write the next record was not a possibility.  
We had about 8 weeks between finishing our touring and starting pre-production for VFalls.  
For Matt, long plane rides turned into a great time for writing lyrics.  Our hotel rooms on days off began to look like a mini studio, with guitars and cables strewn all around.  Dressing rooms became the spot where we would figure out harmonies and show each other new riffs on practice amps.  Most modern metal bands can relate to this,  it's a constant cycle that seems to overlap more and more each time around. 
After each tour and new demo, it became clear we needed to be concise musically; be dynamic without going off on wild tangents for the sake of showing off.  There was need for a clear vision that summed up where we have been on our previous five albums while still feeling new and unique enough to make an impact.  Playing a wide array of songs from each of our albums every night helped us to get in touch with those elements as we forged ahead.  Through trial and error we found that we created songs that were direct, powerful, melodic and to the point.  
Balance is what we were striving for most on this record.  Balance between the heaviness and the melody,  the technicality and progressiveness,  the groove and the speed.  A lot of the music has roots on some of the things we started on Shogun and In Waves and our focus was to create our fusion of power & melody.
Then the touring ended and with it the writing.  Off to Austin, Texas we went. 
We needed not only a fifth member in the producer's chair,  but an objective ear that may hear things differently then we do and who isn't afraid to give us their honest opinions and critiques.  Just as Jason, Nick, and Colin before him,  we needed someone to help us bring our ideas together and to life.  David not only fit all of those qualities as a producer, but he also had the experience of being the one on the other side of the microphone.  There is a pressure of living up to expectations or exceeding them with each subsequent release,  but having someone like David at the helm of the project, someone who has been in our shoes,  made us even more at ease making this record.  
There wasn't a moment on the making of Vengeance Falls that wasn't pushed as far as it could go.  Sonically we needed this to be our biggest sounding record yet,  a challenge that Colin Richardson and Carl Bown both exceeded in the mix.  Again the balancing between the sound of our past albums and the thicker low end that this record called for was the key.  Not many modern heavy records have a lot of low end but being able to feel this record punch you in the gut at loud volumes was important to us.  
And visually,  our cover artist Brent White made a cover that not only captures the energy of the album,  but inspired us to bring it to life on tour.  If you have seen any of the Vengeance Falls live shows you can see we re-create our album cover visually on stage.   
We really hope you enjoy the record we made for you.  I can assure you we put every ounce of heart and soul into Vengeance Falls, along with everyone that has been apart of the recording, mixing, and mastering.  We are eternally grateful that you have allowed us to continue to not only exist as a band but to grow and evolve into the people we are today.
Paolo Gregoletto
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