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The State of Metal 2013 - MKH @ Metal Hammer

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on September 25, 2013 - 10:20am

Matt Talks to Metal hammer about the state of Metal in 2013, see what he has to say.

What are your thoughts on Metal in 2013 ?


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YES! Couldn't be more excited to hear such words! I'm working extremely hard to be that new metal you want to hear, Matt! RR is the company I'm going for and touring with you guys is one of my goals!

- J-Rod

PS I'm so happy Vengeance Falls is coming out on my birthday XD

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Spot on, this is one of the reasons I am a fan of your band, you stay true to your genre, and know the score. I have been mulling around joining/starting a band for years, I can sing decently, but can't play an instrument, that is a work in progress. But that's another thing onto itself, you guys keep kicking ass, and maybe someday, maybe even soon they'll be a few more people joining the scene. lml 0 lml

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Nothing but sense.
Check out my band from South Africa, let me know what you think, we will have more material soon.

@Ravenous, I checked out the link, you guys have some good stuff there, keep it up.

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Absolutely inspiring if you're a musician. Nonetheless with this same mindset!

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Matt is absolutely right, I'm from Miami, FL and they took away our rock station, metal/rock shows barely even make it down to Miami anymore, its all hip-hop/electro/trance/pop down here now. We have to drive up to Ft. lauderdale, Tampa or even Orlando to catch rock shows. I think Trivium is one of the few bands now a days doing everything right as far as evolving their music without changing or adapting to whats popular/trendy, as they get better and bigger they still remain humble and regular guys. They are true artists and seem like the "rock star" life doesn't consume them, they care about their music, putting on great shows and their fans. They are amazing live and I will be a Trivium fan for life. Keep on doing what your doing Trivium! Here's a local Miami metal band trying to make a name for themselves...

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As someone who is in a young metal band and lives in australia, i have to say it's very difficult for us to get the oppurtunity to play in front of people who will potentially enjoy our music, because when bands such as Trivium come down a lot of the time the bills are filled up with either all International bands or a close friend of the Promoter of the shows band.
We only recently were lucky enough to get an opening slot for soilwork in our hometome of Melbourne, and i can't wait for that opportunity and hope that one day we'll be able to share the stage with Trivium.
We don't claim to be doing anything groundbreaking, we just make music that we love..

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I agree entirely. My life dream would be to open up for Trivium. My aspirations as a musician are to at least show the major influence that Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Maiden are through my music. Matt knows exactly what everything is like now a days.

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This right here is why I look up to the guy, he's one of the most eloquent and conversant people in metal and always manages to hit the nail on the head, great interview.