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  • This one’s for all the “players” out there. We figured instead of pretending to rip through solos in front of your mirror at home, why not share with the group?! Announcing the first ever Trivium World Air Guitar Contest! Here’s how it works. Pick your favorite Trivium guitar solo. Create a video of you “playing” that solo “air guitar“ style. Submit the video via the instructions below. The best entries will then be voted on by Trivium World members and the top three will move on to the finals where the band themselves will pick the winner!! And for all of you that actually do play the...

  • Trivium had the privilege of meeting Dio while touring with Heaven and Hell in Japan in 2007. We were just happy to be on the shows and didn’t expect to spend any time with any of the guys. Every single night of that tour Heaven & Hell blew our minds; we were fans in awe of how good they were. They had it all and to watch a group of musicians that deep into their careers so absolutely on top of their game like that was inspiring.

    One night after a show in Nagoya, I was able to pop in real quick to say “hey” to Dio in his dressing room. I've been able to meet many heroes of...

  • Roadrunner Records UK brings you another "Gear Nerd" with Matt!

    Roadrunner UK: So first up, how old were you when you picked up a guitar?

    Matt Heafy: When I literally first touched a guitar?

    When you picked it up and were like ‘this is what I wanna do’.

    When I picked it up to play I was 11. When I first touched a guitar and posed with a guitar in a picture I was probably just a couple of months old. [Contemplates] Maybe 6 months old? 7 months old?...

  • Another Friday is upon us, as is another awesome trivium set! The new set is from the November 5th show at Irving Plaza in New York, NY. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

  • A bunch of Updates today:

    The last episode "Shattering The Skies Above" is now also available on Youtube on our Official Channel

    We posted some new pictures of us while working on of the new record. courtesy of Mr Paolo Gregoletto
    Check them out in the Photo Section!
    And Triviumworld Fanclub members can enjoy not 1, not 2 but 3 new exclusive videos sent by Paolo!! Check them out...

  • Our very own MKH check in with Metal Hammer to share his top 10 metal albums of all time !

    Hammer has a pretty impressive contacts list of metal mates so we thought we’d ring around and ask some of the masters of metal to find out what are the definitive 300 albums you must hear before you die! Zakk Wylde, Alexi Laiho, Jerry Cantrell, Ville Valo, Phil Demmel, Adam D and more span all of the essential metal genres to give you a comprehensive guide to the greatest albums to ever grace metal. Hold onto your hats, there’s some major surprises in there!....

    to read the rest head...

  • Hey Trivium World, it’s Friday again and you know what that means…another crushing Trivium live set! The new set is from the November 1st show at NorVa in Norfolk, VA. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

  • Time to kick off another weekend with a new Trivium set streaming just for you! The new set is from the October 31st show at The Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. As always, add your comments on your favorite tracks.