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  • Our very own Corey Beaulieu Checks in with One Metal in Nottingham UK Recently:

    Trivium have rolled into Nottingham with their Into The Mouth Of Hell Tour, and I’m sat backstage with chief axe-wielder Corey Beaulieu. We’ve done the pleasantries; he’s doing ok, we’re doing ok, and essentially all is happy. Thing is, when people found out I was interviewing him, there seemed to be one topic people wanted me to talk about… so I decided to jump in with two feet.

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  • Rhythm caught up with Nick ahead of Trivium’s show in Bristol earlier this week to get the lowdown on replacing Travis, touring and what’s coming up for the band....

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    Rhythm Mag UK

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  • So here we bring you another of our Gear Nerd series, where we chat so our musicians about their instrument of choice and what fuels their passion, influences their sound and the instruments / kit they use.
    This time around we are chatting to Matt Heafy from Floridian metallers TRIVIUM about his guitar playing career and here, in part one, we get an in-depth insight into the music that drives and influences him. Come back Monday (March 29th) to learn more about his playing style and kit.

    Roadrunner UK:
    So first up, how old were you when you picked up a...

  • Matt will be doing signings for Marshall and Gibson at the Musikmesse in Francfort Germany.

    Marshall signing 3pm at Marshall booth

    Gibson signing 3pm at Gibson Booth


  • TRIVIUM are just finishing up their UK headline tour, and when they were here in London, sat down with Paolo and Matt to chat about the tour and about the new drummer Nick coming into the band. They also talk a little about God Of War III, which features the band on the official soundtrack, which is available on iTunes now!

    And on Monday (March 29th) you will be able to check out an interview with Matt and Corey when episode six of Red...

  • Rocklouder scribe Michael Snowden last week caught up with Trivium lynchpin Paolo Gregoletto to ask what the guys have in store for their latest UK tour, the reasons behind the band's split with drummer Travis Smith and plans for their anticipated fifth studio album.


  • Episode six of Bedroom Jam 2010 features an interview with Matt and Corey from Trivium, and broadcasts at 5pm (GMT) Monday 29th March at

    And if you play in a UK/Ireland-based band you can also find out how your band could be playing Download 2010 and record an album for free!

  • Another Friday, another awesome Trivium set! The new set is from the October 11th show at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. As always, add your comments on your favorite tracks!

  • Your feedback for the blistering new Trivium track "Shattering The Skies
    Above" has been so great that we want to share a three part video series
    documenting the making of the track!

    The first part of this series will premiere right here
    for Trivium World members ONLY on Friday, March 26th.

    Part one finds the band in the studio with Nick, laying down his first-ever
    Trivium drum tracks!!! So join us next week and get your own intimate,
    behind-the-scenes look at "The Making Of 'Shattering The Skies Above'"!!

    For the time...