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  • Your feedback for the blistering new Trivium track "Shattering The Skies
    Above" has been so great that we want to share a three part video series
    documenting the making of the track!

    The first part of this series will premiere right here
    for Trivium World members ONLY on Friday, March 26th.

    Part one finds the band in the studio with Nick, laying down his first-ever
    Trivium drum tracks!!! So join us next week and get your own intimate,
    behind-the-scenes look at "The Making Of 'Shattering The Skies Above'"!!

    For the time...

  • Wow, it’s Friday again ALREADY?! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a killer Trivium set? The new set is from the October 10th show at Jester’s Pub in Fayetteville, NC. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. As always, add your comments on your favorite tracks!

  • Hey Trivium World, it’s Friday again and you know what that means…another devastating Trivium live set! The new set is from the October 9th show at The Music Farm in CHARLESTON, SC. Go to the MUSIC page right now and check it out. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

  • Also check the Playstation Blog HERE

  • Hey guys just a quick one, the forums for TW will be down all day, while we work on the great purge !

  • Paolo has confirmed some BC Rich signings during the band’s UK tour.

    Paolo will commence signing at 4pm at the following stores:

    March 16th
    Nevada Music, Unit 12, Fitzherbert Spurt, Farlington, Portsmouth PO6 1TT

    March 23rd
    Big Deal Music, 128 Salop Street, Wolverhampton WV3 0RX

    On the day, each store will give away a bass guitar signed by Paolo as well as some Roadrunner Records goodies!

    Trivium’s UK tour kicks off in Cardiff next Friday March 5 and runs ‘til Wednesday March 24 in Bristol...

  • The God Of War Soundtrack featuring the new and unreleased track “Shattering The Skies Above” from Trivium is available for a limited time here:

    [url= for $1.99 only through March 2nd.

    6 exclusive & unreleased songs, $1.99, pick up your copy today while this exclusive price lasts!

  • Friday the 26th February 2010 3pm EST... Join Triviumworld for the exclusive world premiere of "Shattering The Skies Above" The Official Video!!


  • All of us here at Trivium World would like to give you a more detailed explanation with regard to the Soundwave meet and greet cancellations. Trivium has virtually no control over the specifics involved for such activities at festival shows due to limited space, security and other factors. This is why we normally only offer them for headline shows. The M&G signups for the Soundwave Festival shows were supposed to be automatically blocked however due to a malfunction in the TW site M&Gs were left opened for those dates. The glitch was not discovered until Saturday, when we posted...